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Hawaii's first and original glass tinting company. Serving Hawaii for over 50 years!

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Make your windows tougher than nails

Protect your windows against natural disasters, intrusions, and even bomb blasts. You can trust Hawaii's oldest tinting company with you safety film installations.

You will find Madico film in government buildings, airports, and high threat areas the world over. You can turn to us for their full line up, including SafetyShield® FrameGard™ System, SafetyShield® GullWing™ System, SafetyShield® WetGlaze System, and the SafetyShield® LifeLine™ System. Each line has its own unique pros and cons, and we will work with you to find the best solution for your budget and needs.

Madico is the world leader in safety film technology

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  • Meet County building codes

  • Strengthens glass

  • Protects against break-ins

  • Provides blast protection

  • Reduces shattering and shards

  • Defends against vandalism

  • Reduces UV and heat transfer

  • Can qualify for Energy Incentive at $0.85 per square foot

Safety film has many benefits

  • Wet Glaze attachment system

  • Mechanical attachment

  • Meet GSA performance standard for Federal installations

Options available

  • Safety/Security films are being used in government buildings (such as the Pentagon and the White House) as well as airports, and high threat areas the world over.

  • Safety film for your windows will add significant strength and protection

  • 24/7 invisible protection versus using sheets of plywood when storms approach

  • Safety film can help your windows stand up to hurricanes, vandals, and explosives

  • Safety film comes clear as well as in tinted versions providing solar protection

Protect Yourself  - Safety Film